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Integration of RFID Networks with Public Mobile Platforms

Founded in 2002, Altobridge Ltd. is an Irish company with headquarters at Kerry Technology Park and offices in the USA and Malaysia. The company has successfully designed, patented and brought to market, wireless technology solutions that connect remote subscriber groups to core telecommunications networks.

The Centre for Innovation in Distributed Systems (CIDS) at the Institute of Technology, Tralee (IT Tralee) carries out multidisciplinary research on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and wireless sensor networks to find solutions for real-world challenges.

About 90% of the world’s cargo is shipped in containers. The system is a critical infrastructure for the global economy and lends itself to the application of wireless tracking solutions. However, container security tracking is an immature technology. This is mainly due to the absence of industry standards and government regulation. New measures to address the issue of security and improve supply chain efficiencies of container transportation are needed.

With the support of national and European funding, Altobridge Ltd. collaborated with CIDS in the design of a system that would enable container security tracking and management worldwide. The research focused on developing a secure, duplex communications system with RFID transponders and sensors that would be capable of reading and transmitting data over wide areas and in remote environments.

Combined with a series of pilot projects on ocean-going container vessels, Altobridge Ltd. developed a functional system capable of bridging the communications gap between ships at sea and container transporting authorities. Among the outcomes from this research, Altobridge Ltd. was awarded the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award in the field of homeland security for container applications.


“This project was a major driver in establishing technology drivers for use of GSM cellular networks on merchant ships. As well as crew welfare, container tracking is seen as a crucial business driver for operators. This project was important to establish technology that could help in container tracking. It was important to Altobridge to get a proof of concept of such an application and as such the link with IT Tralee as a partner was key in achieving its goals.”
Mike Godley, Vice President Research & Development, Altobridge Ltd.

“This project was particularly important to CIDS. It allowed the members of the group to use their RFID and software development expertise to work on an applied research project with Altobridge that was mutually beneficial. The knowledge and experience gained in this collaboration has been fundamental in the research activities of the group since the project was completed. Altobridge has for a long time been very supportive of the group’s research activities and made both a significant financial and manpower commitment to ensuring the success of this project. Altobridge and IT Tralee continue to collaborate on many activities including the sponsorship of PhD. research students.”
Dr. Pat Doody, Centre for Innovation in Distributed Systems, IT Tralee

Client: Altobridge Ltd.
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