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2014: Developing an innovative social media strategy for an international television channel

An Lár TV is an online TV channel with a large viewership amongst the Irish at home and the Irish diaspora around the world, as well as many more who have an affinity with Ireland and all things Irish.

Already at the forefront in online television, An Lár TV needs to leverage social media effectively to bring more followers and likes to its social media sites. This is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. More followers and likes will increase engagement, and therefore bring more viewers to the online TV channels. The key goal of the collaboration was to increase viewership of An Lár TV channels through the effective use of social media.

Susanne Carpenter of An Lár TV contacted ITT Dublin and was put in touch with Glenn Mehta, a lecturer in the area of social media communications. Glenn’s research expertise includes how to leverage social media tools to increase engagement with brands as a route to improved customer satisfaction and increased turnover. Glenn is also a researcher in Web 2.0 technologies, and has published an Irish-focused leading text on social media entitled Infinite Ripple – The Social Media Revolution. He is a social media strategy advisor to several Irish and European companies and non-profit organisations. 

A strategy report was compiled to answer the key research questions posed by the company, specifically:

1. How can An Lár TV make people “Be Part of It”, i.e. improve engagement?

2. Niches: What are the niches that An Lár TV needs to be exploring through the use of social media over the next 12 months?

3. Social Media Strategy: How can An Lár TV make best use of social media in its overall strategy to boost audience numbers?

The product of the research was a report and presentation setting out clear findings, recommendations and supporting information. Key tasks as well as targets and milestones were included in the report in order to ensure that An Lár utilised the strategy to its optimum capacity. This included tasks to increase followership/likes across social media, as well as focusing on longterm brand success by increasing engagement.

A particular focus was put on tasks that were not resource intensive in terms of time and cost. An Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher funded the entire strategy research, which was conducted in summer 2012. Initial findings were presented to An Lár TV in September 2012. 

Partnerships between active academic researchers who are leaders in their field and businesses who seek out their advice can lead to multiple benefits for both parties. In this case, company requirements to increase social media engagement with their service were delivered and the strategy is continuing to prove beneficial. This leads to more customers for the brand, increasing advertising opportunities and ultimately increasing revenue. Primarily, the partnership puts the business on a sound social media footing and assists in futureproofing its communications strategies.


“Glenn worked with An Lár TV to develop a social media strategy in late 2012. Throughout the process of development, Glenn was hugely supportive and helped us understand the importance of social media to our business. The strategy that Glenn developed was clear and concise, and very user friendly. An Lár TV has  been implementing the strategy for the last 6 months, and we have noted significant improvements in reach and engagement on Twitter and Facebook. We will continue to use the strategy over the coming months to support growth. The team at An Lár TV would recommend Glenn to all organisations that wish to develop a social media presence.”

Susanne Carpenter An Lár TV

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